• Beer Geek Brunch!

    Every 2nd Sunday of the month, you can come down and chill out in our garden, with a bonanza of tasty brunch items, selected boozy beverages as well as a variety of coffee, tea, juice and more. Mark you calendar, and bring you friends, family or favorite pet down for a laid back afternoon. Beer G... View Post
  • Couch Editions!

    Virtual tap takeovers! World class breweries, brought to a couch near you. View Post
  • Boon Lambic

    Tried a proper lambic yet? Lambic is one of the oldest beer styles still being brewed, and is originating from Belgium. Lambic starts it’s life as wheat beer, which is then exposed to airborne wild yeast and bacteria, unique to the region, after which it undergoes a spontaneous fermentation.  T... View Post